How high on your agenda is neurodiversity?

The business case for diversity is now generally accepted in most organisations – in principle, at least.  And, it is claimed that neurodiversity now appears to be moving up the organisational agenda.[1] But is it?  Take a moment to think about your organisation: Is neurodiversity included in your diversity policy? Your training? To what extent… Read more »

Positive about Dyslexia?

As we approach the end of Dyslexia Awareness Week, I have been reflecting on my experience of coaching people with Dyslexia.  So often they have been dealing with the legacy of messages they got from school – and, in some cases family members.  Negative labels that have led to long-held negative beliefs about themselves and… Read more »

How to conduct effective workplace investigations

All too often, I meet managers who have been expected to conduct an investigation without any proper training or detailed guidance.  While I am a great believer of ‘learning by experience’, workplace investigations require careful and sensitive handling. However, failing to carry out a fair and effective investigation can be costly – time, money and… Read more »

Find your Genius within…. through coaching

At a recent coaching conference ( ), I was asked to host some round-table discussions on Neurodiversity and coaching. It was interesting to explore how much is known and understood about neuro-different ways of thinking and processing information.  I also shared how, through my work with Genius Within, I have seen how coaching has been a powerful… Read more »

Neurodiversity at Work

Many employers now recognise the benefits a diverse workforce can bring to their business or organisation.  However, I often find there is a lack of understanding about many hidden differences. Often associated with conditions such as Dyslexia, ‘neurodiversity’ is an umbrella term used to describe differences in the way that the brain functions. It also… Read more »

Coaching Managers Through Conflict

It was great to be part of “The Coaching Conversation” conference hosted by eras earlier this month.  Read more about it at: Coaching conversation The workshops on conflict management explored common perceptions about conflict, different conflict management styles and how coaching can support and empower managers to respond to conflict in a more positive and… Read more »

Dealing with Conflict

After 25 years of working in the field of conflict management, I have seen how much time, energy and costs have been needlessly spent on long, drawn-out formal procedures.  That is why I have decided to move my focus to coaching. Coaching is a way of supporting, empowering and enabling managers to be more skilled… Read more »